Trezor Model T Screen Non Responsive

I have a trezor model T with a screen that turns on, but not reacting to touch. Does anybody have this issue and a solution to it? Also won’t allow me to get into bootloader mode given that it doesn’t react to touch. Loads to screen that says Tap to Connect, and then no response to any touch.

Things I have tried…

  1. Different computers
  2. Different cords
  3. Tried with and without USB hub
  4. Mac and Windows

I know I can just reload seed words to a new trezor, that is back up option, but looking to see if this current issue is able to be solved without doing that.

Any suggestions?

Hi @t8497,

please, open a ticket with our support: Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet.

and let me know your ticket ID here in the thread. Thanks