Trezor Model T packaging is broken

Probably I bought the Trezor Todel T through the official website the year before last, and found that the wallet had been opened, so I have never planned to use it. I plan to use this wallet again recently. But I am worried that the wallet will be opened for malicious tampering, please tell me what to do!

Anti-counterfeiting stickers are intact!*

A year ago is a long time to help now…

@Wang if you really want to use it I would suggest using a Hidden wallet
With a very very strong PASsphrase

Also the seal doesn’t seem to have been broken or breached…

There is no trace of opening the seal. If the wallet is used for the first time and the firmware is not installed, it means that I can use it normally! ?

yes, you can

I don’t need to worry about the slight signs of damage on the packaging. What I need to worry about is the anti-counterfeiting stickers of the wallet and the new wallet without firmware. Is it safe? !

as per my last post, yes, it is safe.

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