Trezor Model T cant do anything

hey, I bought trezor model T to store my NFT. but right now, I’m having problem like cannot connect to collabland. I also cannot sell my NFT that stored in the trezor wallet. Also, I cannot transfer the NFT out of the wallet. So what is the point to getting trezor with so much problems? These issue had trouble me since last week. I hope u will respond to me, else I really having hard time to find a solution

Hello, from what I see you have an NFT on the ETHERIUM network, right?

I have never had NFT, but I do have a token under the eth res, from what I understand you have problems sending it as you do not have eth to pay the commission.

What you need is to transfer ETH to your TREZOR wallet to be able to pay the commission to be able to transfer it to another wallet.

I think this link will give you more information → How to store NFTs on a hardware wallet | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog