Trezor Model T (ADA, SHIB and other supported tokens)

I have looked high and low for an answer to my issue, but cannot seem to find one. I have a Trezor Model T and added some ERC20 tokens to it (ie ADA). They don’t show in Trezor Suite by default and don’t appear in the history anywhere. However, they do show in AdaLite when connected to the device. From what I understand there is a way to get them to show at least as “unknown token” within Trezor Suite. I’m not having any luck.

From what I see there is a token tab and an “Add token” button on the Etherium account. However, I am not sure what to add as the “ERC20 token address”. I have tried all hashes (send/receive/transaction hash) one at a time and I get an error stating they don’t exist.

I am not sure where to go from here. I don’t want to have to connect to 25 different wallets to see what is on my Trezor. Is there any way to get these coins to appear in the history and in the portfolio?

All you need to add is the “contract address” for that coin!
Token Tracker | Etherscan
Search the web page for the type of coin you want to add. Find the coin’s “contract address” on the coin page.

Thanks. I did that now this is what I see in Trezor Suite:

This is not accurate because when I login with adalite I can see them on the device.

How do I find my contact ID? I don’t see it anywhere in any of the wallets or by searching etherscan. I only have the send/receive hashes.

If you use erc20 chain to transfer coins, then your coins will show in suite wallet.
If you use another chain to transfer coins, then do as follows:

  1. Install metamask wallet on your browser.
  2. After creating the wallet, select the connected hardware device in the MM wallet, trezor, find the same address as your suite, and select it as the wallet.
  3. Add the chain you use to transfer coins in mm.
  4. Turn on token detection in MM settings.
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@hacktorious ADA is not ERC20 token

you can use it via Adalite, but it will be implemented directly in Suite very soon

As for ERC20 tokens, just send them to your ETH receive address and they will appear, if you want add manually, you need contract address, can be found on when you search for any token

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I tried searching and adding the contract address from the search. If you go to and search for “ADA” you get a bunch of different numbers. None of them work.

as I said, ADA is not erc20…

read through this manual carefully to learn how to use ada:

I transferred erc20 tokens and they absolutely do not show in Trezor Suite. Now I have transferred most of my erc20 crypto to Trezor and I cannot access it at all. I am not really loving the Trezor at this moment.

Manually add the token to the wallet.