Trezor Model T ADA glitch


I am currently having trouble with a third party project (Revuto), which is based on ADA.
I transferred ADA to them and they tell me there is a glitch coming from my Trezor as a result of ADA transaction activity and that I have to do a “rectification” of my Trezor via hxxps:// and wallet Connect, because this glitch affects my funds stored with them and can also affect my funds on the Trezor.
However, the website is asking for my Trezor recovery seed in the second step. Which I am not willing to give - obviously.

Can you please advise me of how to proceed with this. (what is a rectification? why do they need my seed? what about this ADA glitch?)

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

@Joschi sounds fishy

it is a scam, never ever enter your recovery seed anywhere, please.

No way I am putting my recovery seed anywhere near the site, that’s clear. I kept it off the internet since buying it and I won’t change this now. I already wrote off my ADA transferred to them.

But they gave me the creeps with their talk about this ADA glitch possibly affecting my funds on the Trezor. Can there be any truth about this?

no, there isn’t, it is a scam.

Thanks for the info and for your support!