Trezor + Metamask Freezing Firefox - Failed Transaction

Hi all,
I linked my trezor to MM and am trying to send transactions that keep failing and crashing Firefox. Can’t open the MM extension. The error in MM reads transaction found as approved possibly stuck during signing. Cleared chache, restarted, updated everything. How can I get my transaction through without failing and crashing the web browser?

Update: I now also have an unknown address failure in MM.

Update: Firefox randomly generated a passphrase for me and I must not have not noticed that’s what was used to make a hidden wallet. Maybe this can be of use to others that don’t know where their passphrase came from. It might be good to at the very least add this to your check list when trouble shooting Firefox issues, if not completely disallow autogenerated browser passphrases in Trezor.

this is a known issue and have been mentioned many times on the forum. Thank you for the update.