Trezor + Metamask + Compound.Finance

Hi all,

The combo of Trezor +Metamask allowed me to move funds on and off of compound.finace for months. Yet after the recent Trezor firmware upgrade, when I try to do anything, the throws up a modal box “confirm transaction”, but Metamask does not connect. This is not a problem with using compound.fiance and a metamask account that isn’t connected to a Trezor.

Anybody else have this problem?

We replicated this error on duplicate hardware (computer, trezor). Therefore it does a appear to be a Trezor firmware and driver upgrade bug.

Will dev’s respond?

Please downgrade your MM to pre-EIP-1559 version:
more info in following link:

Also, EIP-1559 support for T1 will be deployed in next FW release (mid December).

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Downgrading worked! Thank you.