Trezor Metamask Account Not Confirming and Signing Transactions

Hello, need some urgent help. I’m not techy at all so this is even harder for me.

I transferred some of my LP tokens from Beefy Finance to my trezor linked metamask account and received it. My issue is that I can’t do any contract interactions with Beefy as simple as approving the contract.

There’s a pop up window but it closes right away and my transaction just gets stuck and eventually fails. I saw in other forums that others have this issue but have found no resolution.

Hoping for an easily understandable solution for this.

Thank you

Have you tried using MM on other browsers?

Hi there! Not yet actually. I’m currently using it on Google Chrome on Windows 10. Is there any other good browser Metamask/Trezor works great on that I can try?

Hi everyone, played around with this and found a solution for me. For anyone encountering this problem in the future, just right click the Metamask extension and click “This can read and change site data” and click “On all sites”. This will prevent the pop-up/confirmation window automatically closing down.

Not here. I had to switch to the Firefox browser to get Metamask to work.