Trezor Malfunction while configuring it

Hi, While I was configuring my brand new trezor one (Bar Code 7 10882 35061 1), and it was giving me the seed phrase word by word, between the 7th and the 8th word I pressed the button several times to pass to the 8th word and it didn´t respond. After 6 or 7 times I pressed the botton it finally responded, it gave me the 8th word and I could continue to finish configuring my wallet. But its not the first Trezor that I configure and it never happened that to me. Why was it?

there can be a screen HW issue, go to Suite, settings, Device and Check backup.

Do the check and if the screen works ad your seed is correct than it’s fine. If there is any problem with the screen, we can replace your device.