Trezor is scamming people

I have a very sizeable Ravencoin holding from mining and purchasing over the years. So, I decided it was time to get them over to a hardware wallet. Did the research and a bunch of “reviews” said wow it’s one of the best hardware wallets for RVN, and RVN is also listed as a “supported” coin by using other third party wallets.

What they don’t say on their god damned website is that the trezor only acts to lock the third party wallet. You CAN NOT see your RVN on the Trezor Suit. After doing deeper research this seems to be a common complaint on reddit and other forums.

This is some really serious false marketing on their website to say the very least. F#$K Trezor

I will be taking all of my coins off of my trezor today that are actually natively supported because god damn just going through this forum I am seeing a shit ton of issues people are having. Just use a paper wallet and store it in a safer location. Don’t give this company your money.

This is stated in supported coins page:, your Trezor is the main wallet and you use 3rd party interface to see the coins.

This means your coins are still protected by Trezor that generates and safely stores your private keys, 3rd party app only uses your public address to see the coins.