Trezor integration / Ronin Wallet / Axie Infinity

Guys on Ronin wallet i can connect only 50 Trezor accounts. If i want to create more the “Next button” is not working and it doesnt show more adresses. Metamask in this matter works normaly and show unlimited adresses. Is it Ronin limitation or somehow i need to unlock in Trezor?

It’s a Ronin limit, I believe.

Hi, Anyone, would like to ask if I can use 2 trezor wallet on a single ronin account? Purpose is to have 2 access for 2 diff person managing the account. Thank you!

If i transfer my ronin account to trezor. Do I still need to go back on level 1 on my axie. And for ruin in adventure do we go back to ruin 1?

@Chavez_Patrick, I have almost similar issue. Can you please share how did you manage to resolve it?

I tried to re-setup my ronin wallet to a laptop (Currenly using desktop - Trezor hardware wallet)

I can’t find the 1st 10 ronin address that I created everytime I tried to use “Connect hardware wallet”
I can only see the #11-15 that I use last night I’m able to export it without issue.

@MichalZ any suggestion or idea that you can share to me? Thanks in Advance.


Yes because you will create new account from Trezor inside Ronin. Trezor will give you 50 Ronin address.

Yes because you will create new account from Trezor inside Ronin. Trezor will give you 50 Ronin address.

@Eric if ur using Trezor model T try to remember your Passphrase. Passphrase is the key.

Thanks mate, I still have access on my Ronin wallet #1-10 from my desktop.

I’m planning to set it up to a laptop so in case I need to go out I can still have access on all of my ronin wallets. Do you know how can I export it to another device (laptop) the first #1-10 ronin hardware wallet I created? Unfortunately it’s not on the 50 ronin address. :frowning:



This is the solution for Model T if you loss the seed phrase of Ronin account.

The solution is in ur mind. Passphrase.

If u can’t see the recent account it means you put wrong Passphrase.

Watch this

@Chavez_Patrick , I’m using Trezor One I forgot to mention.
I knwo my passphrase and I can still access my 10 ronin hardware wallet from my desktop but I can’t find how to export or re-set it up to another computer, all 10 hardware wallet saying the same passphrase.

Thanks @Chavez_Patrick and @Langly1087. I managed to fix my issue.

So basically you need to enter your passphrase when you are connecting your hardware wallet.
I usually skip that part because I can go though even I’m not typing my passphrase.

Thanks for your help! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hi Sir, would like to ask if I can use 2 trezor wallet on a single ronin account? Purpose is to have 2 access for 2 diff person managing the account. Thank you!

Can anyone help me please? thank you

technically yes, if you recover your seed (from the device that you initialize first) on your second Trezor.
Just keep in mind that more people know seed, more vulnerable it is.

Glad to hear that you resolved your problem! I appreciate the follow up.

so passphrase basically works like this:

  • you have your seed and it is wallet caled “main”
  • you create passphrase which you call “test”
  • now you have 2 separate wallets “main” and test" on the same seed
  • You can give that trezor to another person and say the passphrase is “test” and that person can use your trezor but not your fund on “main” wallets not knowing your seed and even with the device no chance to use those funds from “main” wallet

Is that correct?

Is that mean also you can have 50 acounts in Ronin, then add passphrase 1 and another 50 wallets, then add another passphrase 2 and have another 50 wallets etc? Like the Ronin wallet assumes you connected another device not knowing that it is acctually the same wallet but with passphrase?

Is that also mean i can turn ON and OFF the passphrase option anytime i want and i will use the main wallet only as default? (e.g in Trezor Suite)

can someone help me,

i create a harware wallet on ronnin usign trezor one

ronin:27f0b1a85452dc5e8b38f3e6a8802b9d2ca9416c this is the adress

i send some slp
but i canot connect it to ronnin to login in marketplace dashboard.

i need to retrieve my slp there.
please someone help me.

everytime i login in i confirm it trezor but not continuing in login in ronin login for axie.

How did you send the SLP?

Once you have the Ronin Hardware Account created, you need to log-in with your “Ronin Wallet”. Make sure to have the Ronin Hardware account selected when you try to log-in. This will automatically create a Ronin account with the Ronin Trezor account. If you don’t have an account created with the Ronin Trezor Hardware account, then sending SLP, AXS, or Axies to it will not work.

So when you create a digital wallet within the Trezor, you are given access to 50 different Ethereum Addresses.
You can create a standard wallet that has no passphrase, or you can create a hidden wallet that has the passphrase activated. Once you create a hidden wallet with the passphrase, you cannot turn that off. You will always need the passphrase in order to access that hidden wallet.

I would recommend always using the passphrase. That way you can have access to nearly unlimited ethreum address for your Ronin to utilize.

Note that the Ronin wallet is limited to 20 accounts on it. They may have changed by now, but I do not believe so. Read here.

So you will need to create Multiple Ronin wallets to utilize the 50 Eth addresses that each trezor wallet enables.
Let me know if that makes sense. :slight_smile: