Trezor incomplete transaction - zero balance

I made four transfers from my Trezor Wallet to CoinbasePro. Three were completed and the 4th is in, serious, “limbo”. My Trezor Wallet shows the incoming ETH and no outgoing, but a zero dollar balance. All of the other transactions are, as you would expect - they show the proper outgoing numbers. CoinbasePro never rec’d the ETH (why would they? It never went out.) Ideas. Trezor support is 20 days out and I can’t find any way to be specific with them because the transaction never, according to their records, took place.

I am sure, someday, it will all get sorted out and that it’s a way to HODL my ETH. Nonetheless, I’d like to have it in hand.

Thanks in advance for any HELP :slight_smile:

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