trezor in metamask

Hello, I speak Spanish, I did this translation, I have a problem in matamask, I put trezor as security, but now I can’t move those coins from there, I have bnb in a smart chain network, the metamask is connected to the trezor and I always get an error. can you help me?

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Hi @santiago,

First, please make sure you have the latest version of firmware installed in your Trezor, the latest version of MetaMask and Trezor Bridge. Also, use supported browsers (Chrome or Firefox), make sure they are up to date, and try to send the transaction also in incognito/privacy modes.

If you still have issues sending the transaction, check if you use the correct private key. Try to connect Trezor to MetaMask again, information on how to do it can be found in this video: How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube

Do you see the ETH address with your funds in the step “Select an account”? If not, you either have a different recovery seed stored in your Trezor or you use a different passphrase.

You can check that the recovery seed stored in your Trezor device matches your recovery seed backup (the one you created when initialized your device for the first time), you can find how to perform the check here:

for Trezor Model One:
for Trezor Model T:

In case recovery seed in your device matches your recovery seed backup, the only way how to access a different wallet (with different addresses) is with a different passphrase.

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