Trezor gave a FATAL ERROR with the identical red screen

Trezor model T gave a FATAL ERROR with the identical red screen after the firmware update. Trezor model T ordered directly from Trezor. The touch screen does not let me put in the password. Touch screen is malfunctioning. Very frustrating as i cannot use this device as intended.

Hi @SupertarB
Could you please submit a request using this form and then get back to me here with a ticket ID ? Thank you

im having the safe problem please help ticket id : 110064

Thank you, we’re on it.

I have a new Trezor T and bought 5 for the whole family. I downloaded the firmware and made a transfer all worked fine. Then I connect my wallet again and I have red screen FATAL ERROR and I have to contact support. I have a ticket ID 110230
The reply from support is it can take UP TO 14 DAYS!! to reply. This is not acceptable for any level of customer or technical support. We have purchased your product with an expectation of security but also some level of support and this is beyond reasonable.
I need to use my wallet NOW. Clearly there is an issue with the new Trezor or the firmware because there is a number of online comments and articles.
And if there is a problem how do I get my tokens and money back, this is the first time I have used a cold wallet and always had a concern if it was lost or malfunctioned and in the first time I go to use it it fails. 14 days is a long time in Crypto markets and this needs to be addressed immediately.
I am looking for a contact from Trezor on how to resolve this and if there is a fix then publish it or put it on your site.

Hi @MarkBoyd, please check your mailbox, we’ve replied to your ticket. Just let me mention that even if something happens to your Trezor device, you can still access your coins as long as you have your seed (and passphrase, if you use any).

Yes I have seed phrase but how do i access the wallet?

hello. i am experiencing same problem with my trezor model T. can you help me with this my ticket number is : 115220. i cannot wait for 14 days before you do something about this. at least make some instructions on what to do once your customers starts to have this issue frequently.

help me ASAP! i am having the same fatal error. my ticket number is 115220

your ticket has been answered.

Same issue, during firmware update got the red screen with fatal error and it wiped my device.
Is it safe to recover my wallet with my seed phrase?
Ticket ID: 115878

Im having the same issue and Im concerned that even with the recovery seed, the firmware update will keep wiping memory.

TICKET ID: 115894

@fatalerror @Jlewis your tickets have been answered, thx

@forgi Will this require a new trezor or laptop in order to install firmware? Or will the firmware code be corrected?

You can always install the firmware, no matter if you have changed the host device.