Trezor Firmware 1.6.1 Have PIN but Seed destroyed in fire

Hello Everyone,

I currently have a Trezor running Firware 1.6.1 (I know extremely old). About a year ago my seed was destroyed in a fire (cannot remember it). I still have the Trezor and PIN which seem to be running fine but anytime I try to use a third party wallet to transfer my ETH off the Trezor I am told that it requires a Firmware update. I know that updating off of 1.6.1 will cause a wipe and require my seed in order to recover my wallet. Prior to this I was slowly moving ETH off my Trezor (up until about a month ago) on the legacy My Crypto platform. Up until recently the Legacy My Crypto browser now has an Error_32 unable to connect to node along with when I go to export my keys it states that I must download Trezor bridge to connect (have this downloaded along with suite but looks like device is not being recognized.) Does anyone know at all any other third party websites that still support 1.6.1 firmware so I can get my funds off this device? It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some guidance where to go to try to remove the rest of the funds off the device and I am willing to try to do anything. Thanks again.

I’m not an expert but can you connect it to Metamask?