Trezor Display Not Working

Hi Administrators,

I bought my Trezor One Grey in 2018 but I rarely used it. Today when I plugged it in, the display does not seem to work (only a black screen). Do I need to keep it plugged in to charge it? Please kindly advise.
Thank you.

Hi @lau,

No, it doesn’t charge up but should lit when you plug it in. Please try a different USB cable and make sure it’s a cable that can transfer data and not only a charging cable. Also, don’t use a USB HUB but plug it directly into your PC.

Thank you Petosiris for your prompt reply.
I have tried with a few other cables (these other cables works well with other devices, so they are not faulty), but the same problem persists. The display is still just a black screen.
May I know what else I can do to resolve this issue? Thank you.

Try it on another PC, if possible. If that doesn’t work, please contact Customer support through and post your ticket ID here afterwards.

@Petosiris Ok thank you so much for your help.

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No problem. I hope you get your issue solved.