Trezor connect - Device call in progress


I am trying to use Trezor in my node.js Hardhat deploy/mint scripts. I could not find usable integration lib, so I am trying to write my own Signer for Ethers lib. I can get address from Trezor and so, but when I try to sign the transaction, I am consistently getting this error after the attempt to get chainId during the signing process. I am using latest firmware/trezord/trezor-connect. Any idea, what can be wrong? Or if someone has working example of hardhat + trezor / ethers + trezor running in node ? Thanx for help ;).

This would usually mean that Suite is trying to use the bridge at the same time.

Alternately, something in your app is failing to read the response from bridge before you issue a new request.

Something like, an exception happens in an inappropriate place, the thread that is reading from bridge gets shut down, the reply is never received and the bridge is stuck.

In theory, the problem might not even be in your code, just you’re triggering a Connect bug. If you can reproduce the same thing using Trezor Connect explorer, you should file a bug. In any case, try to get to a minimal reproducer.