Trezor case for discreet carry?

Am I the only one who would appreciate practical and discreet case for transport of my trezor? For example wrist watch with inexpensive (plastic) look would be safe and practical when traveling by airplane. Battery or accumulator powered time on the display would make it even better.
I tried to google if any third party does this but found nothing.
What are your thoughts?

I feel there is very little risk of falling and breaking when carrying a trezor device. I mostly put it in my zippered pocket when I go out. The trezor comes in a waterproof bag. In the event of a long trip by air, due consideration can be given to preventing potential EMP damage to machinery, as well as damage to all of your electronics. Because an EMP device that can burn out a sound is simply too easy to make.

I probably didn’t make myself clear enough… my point was that I’d appreciate a solution for “stealth” carry - not a suspiciously looking device with “Trezor” label on top. It should look like something that wouldn’t attract any attention of a police man, an airport officer or even an average pickpocket on the street of third world country.

this is really a problem

so, nobody cares about the fact that the device itself is more and more recognized?

what am I missing, why this is not a problem for anybody?

There are some plastic gloves available in different colors, in the Trezor store. The one for Trezor model One is more descreet than the one that fits Trezor T. The latter has the Trezor name etched into the top, but it’s less visible if you choose a darker colored glove.

There are also lanyards in different colors in the store, and key rings you can use to attach your Trezor to. For instance, you can attach it on a lanyard and hang the lanyard around your neck, inside the shirt where it’ll be hidden.

I guess you could also put it into an empty matchbox and people will think it’s simply your matches. That’s a cheap solution anyway. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I don’t know of any solution from the top of my head at the moment.