Trezor Bridge updated RPMs?

Hey there!

I’ve been trying to install Trezor Bridge on Fedora Silverblue.
The RPMs you get at Trezor Suite website [1] only list version 2.0.27, which does not work on Silverblue. [2]
The version that works on Silverblue (2.0.32) is not available anywhere and apparently will not be made available as RPM [3], telling me to get someone at Red Hat to build those.

The way I interpret the above is that:

  • Trezor Suite offers RPMs of the Trezor Bridge,
  • but they are outdated
  • and the intention is to continue offering outdated RPMs indefinitely.

Surely I must be missing something, as this situation makes no sense to me.
I’d understand not shipping any Trezor Bridge, but shipping only an outdated one seems strange.

Is there anyone who could shine some light on this?

[1] /web/bridge/
[2] Github Issue 245.
[3] Last comment in Github issue 250.

Trezor Bridge 2.0.27 works fine on supported distributions (which Silverblue is not). It makes perfect sense to make the RPM generally available, even if it is not the latest version – esp. given that there are currently no important fixes that would make it worth upgrading.

(Furthermore, the issue is not a matter of Bridge version itself, but of the “installer”: if you build Bridge 2.0.27 from sources, it will work perfectly for you. If we packaged the outdated 2.0.27 version with the corrected install script, it would also work fine.)

The Trezor Bridge RPM can be installed on Silverblue, if you go with the workaround mentioned in #245 that you refer to.

So the summary is slightly different:

  1. Trezor Suite offers RPMs of the Trezor Bridge, which are fine for general consumption.
  2. They are not the latest version of Bridge, because there was no reason to update them.
  3. Due to incompatibility of the install script and Silverblue, the available RPMs have a “known bug”.
  4. There is no intention to fix that bug on Suite side, because a workaround is readily available.
  5. In the future, it would be nice to hand over the packaging effort to someone more closely related to Fedora, so that they can detect and fix any such incompatibilities sooner and more efficiently.

Thank you for the prompt response. Just two comments:

  • The workaround doesn’t really work. See closed pull request 246. (I’d add a link, but the site doesn’t let me.)
  • The new Trezor Bridge release actually does bring some meaningful fixes as well. For example I noticed a fix for a memory leak in the changelog.

On a personal note, I do not understand why the project would choose not to deliver its latest and greatest, but I digress. I have my answer, and thank you again.

This is surprising because according to #255 it’s enough to not run the scripts because the problematic files aren’t actually used. You should be ok with just running rpm --install --noscript bridge.rpm (or whatever is the correct RPM command).