TREZOR and its compatibility with XDC Wallet

I have stored my XDCs in using Trezor Model T.
I can generate XDC addresses and can store some of XDCs to one of the addresses. however, I cannot send a part or all of the stored XDCs to another XDC wallet. Please let me know how I can withdraw the stored XDCs and send them another XDC wallet.

Only I have obtained was the below message when I tried to send my XDCs.

"The current version of firmware (2.3.6) may be not compatible with the running version of Trezor Connect. The current version of firmware contains major changes that could affect the efficient functionality of Trezor Connect.

If you’re experiencing any issue as a user, please contact the owner of
If you are a developer of please, update Trezor Connect to the newest version."


I suggest to connect your Trezor to MyCrypto or MEW to see if you can move it. Please note XDC coin is not supported yet so this might be the reason Trezor has problem to sign the transaction.

Thank your very much for your help. I tried to open my wallet of TREZOR in MyCrypto and MEW but cannot open it there. It seems to me that I can handle XDCE in MyCrypto or MEW and cannot handle XDC. Could you please help me more?

XDCE is supported as it is ERC20 token. As I mentioned XDC is not supported yet so if you are unable to sign the transaction I can’t really do much about it. It is necessary to always check what coins are supported. We have full overview here: Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your kind replies. I will hold my XDCs for a long time and therefore wait until XDC is supported by TREZOR.