Transferring XRP


First of all, congratulations on all the development work you are doing with trezzor suit, it is fantastic.

I have the Ripple coin in my Trezor T, and recently I wanted to make a shipment. The fact is that there is something that does not fit me,

I give you an example, I have 300 XRP and when I make the shipment, I give the maximum to send, and the amount that comes out to send is 289.9985, including the commission. So there are 10 XRP, which disappear.

What is this about?

Greetings and Happy Holidays!

it is the Base reserve that is needed to activate your XRP address:


Thank you very much for the clarification, I really did not know.

by the way, is it possible to get back that base XRP reserve?


Hi, no it is not possible, those 10 XRP will have to stay at your address.