Transferring from hidden wallet to standard wallet

This may seem obvious but I want to be sure. If I happen to have currency in my hidden wallet and currency in my standard wallet, and I want to consolidate it all in my standard wallet, do I simply use the send function in the hidden wallet and specify the address of the standard wallet to do that?

yes, you send coins as a regular transaction

Thanks for taking the time to reply. As a follow up question, I’ve seen it written somewhere that when you give someone your wallet address to send you funds that person can see all of your transactions. Is that true?

And if so, does it apply to both standard and hidden wallets or just to standard wallets? Is that the main difference between a standard and a hidden wallet?

hi @Steamdude

let me answer this one.


The address (AKA public key) is publicly available info on the vast majority of blockchains (exception is for example Zcash and it’s shielded transactions).
Thus everyone who can link certain address with your identity (because you have provided the address to someone yourself) can see the the entire TX history using any suitable blockchain explorer.

That’s why it is better to always generate fresh receiving address if you want to achieve maximum privacy.

The next level is account public key (XPUB) used for example in Bitcoin protocol.

XPUB is a master public key used to generate all addresses for an account in a hierarchical deterministic wallet (both already used and unused).
As the XPUB key is a public key, it does not allow people to spend funds, but it does make it possible to listen in on all the transactions and balances connected to it.

yes, it does apply to both.

When you use Hidden wallet your private key differs (compared to the one when Standard wallet is being used) so different sets of addresses and account are derived from it but the same rules apply.