Transferring Eth from Metamask to Trezor - Missing

Any help would be appreciated!

Using Metamask, I sent 10 WETH from Polygon to my Trezor Suite ETH receiving address. (does trezor support Weth?)

The transaction was confirmed on polygonscan as received at the address successfully, but did not arrive in my wallet.

I have tried to “Connect Hardware wallet” from Metamask extension but the receiving wallet address from Trezor suite does not appear when selecting which address to import from Metamask extension…

Is there anything I can do? I have definitely not sent to the wrong receiving address but for some reason it isn’t showing up.

Please note that polygon network is not supported in Trezor Suite so you have to connect your Trezor to 3rd party app such as MetaMask and set custom network RPC.

Then you are not using the same combination of recovery seed and passphrase as you did when you used the receiving address (that you are trying to access now) in the first place.

What interface did you use in order to get the receiving address ? Was it Trezor Suite ?