Transferring DOGE token between accounts on Metamask using BSC

Hello. I’ve connected my Trezor T to Metamask and I’m using BSC (BEP20).
I have Doge tokens in the Metamask account which I had transfered form Binance.
Now I want to transfer these between accounts inside Metamask, to my connected Trezor account so I can use it instead of the Metamask regular account, so I have more safety. However, when I make the transaction I get this error:
“BEP-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.”

I have added the token contract to the Trezor account in Metamask, they are both using the BSC network, but it doesn’t work.
Could anyone, please, tell me what am I doing wrong or if this transaction is not possible?

hi @cida
do you have enough BNB on your account in order to use is as a gas ?
I also suggest to adjust the Gas limit.
It can be a bit low by default so the transaction fails and consumes all of the gas either.
So try to put the Gas in a higher limit.

Hi @cida,

This won’t help you now, but next time you need to transfer DOGE from Binance to your Trezor, you can do it directly. Trezor support DOGE coins natively and so does Trezor Suite wallet. So I tried and it worked perfectly.

  • First, you select the Account you want to receive the coins in Trezor Suite,
  • Second, you select the coin in Trezor Suite - in this case DOGE,
  • Third, you generate Receive address(es) in Trezor Suite,
  • Fourth, you go to Binance and Withdraw your DOGE by using one Receive address (from 3rd pt.),
  • Fifth, Binance will recognize the address you put in as a genuine DOGE address (it said so to me, anyway),
  • At last, you press send/withdraw button in Binance, and voila it’s done.
    It’s cheap too, Binance subtracted only 5 DOGE from the total amount of 300 I sent to my Trezor. My 295 DOGE coins show up every time in Trezor Suite when I connect my Trezor device. I had some BNB on my Binance account too, but I couldn’t see if any fees were extracted from that, in addition to the 5 DOGE, but it may’ve been done, I’m not sure. It probably was, but I didn’t notice.

Anyway, this is easier - and probably cheaper too - than sending DOGE to Metamask first and withdraw from there after you’ve connected your Trezor. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Petosiris. Thank you for the reply.
I know I could have send it directly to my Trezor, but I wanted to use these in PancakeSwap, so I thought it needed to be transferred directly to Metamask. If I transfer it directly from Binance to my Trezor, would it show up in the Trezor Metamask account when connected to it?

Ok, thanks! I’ll check that.


If I transfer it directly from Binance to my Trezor, would it show up in the Trezor Metamask account when connected to it?

Yes, it should show in your Trezor account in Metamask, not your Metamask account. I never use my Metamask account anyway, just my Trezor account there - after I connect my Trezor device to Metamask.

Ok. Thank you so much for your help!

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Hello. Sorry to bother you again, but I tested transferring Doge directly from Binance to my Trezor, used Doge network. It shows up in my Trezor suite balance. However, when I try using the Trezor connected account on Metamask, using BSC, I don’t see the balance there. Is it because it’s in a different network? I want to use BSC because I’m trying to stake the Dogecoins using PancakSwap and wanted to use the connected Trezor to Metamask in order to be safer. Is it because the Doge in BSC is a pegged token and the one I transferred directly isn’t? Is there a way to have the pegged tokens in the Trezor wallet so I can use them on BSC?

Sorry, now you’re into an area I have no experience with yet. I haven’t used Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and not in connection with DOGE either.

But the DOGE show up in your Trezor account on Metamask when you first connect it, right?

No, it doesn’t. It only shows up in Trezor Suite, doesn’t show up in Metamask, in the Trezor account connected to Metamask. Even if I change from BSC to Ethereum network on Metamask, just to see if it shows it, it doesn’t. Thanks for all your help anyway!

Correct. You used DOGE network for receiving DOGE. By choosing BSC network, you would get Binance-Peg Dogecoin instead, which is a completely different cryptocurrency, running on a different network.

Correct. Because Trezor Suite doesn’t support BSC network at all. Trezor Suite supports only DOGE mainnet.

Makes sense, actually. MetaMask enables you connecting only to Ethereum-compatible networks such as BSC, Matic Polygon etc. Connect easily to any EVM network by using with MetaMask.

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I learned something new today then, since I thought Metamask would show DOGE. Sorry about that, @cida, but at least you got your coins safely to your Trezor.