Transferring AXS to ronin from MEXC so i can stake


I have my ronin wallet connected ready to AXS website for staking.

I have ran two test sends from MEXC using the main address for ronin and neither arrived into my ronin it still says $0 balance and 0 AXS.

Im using the ERC20 network so that’s correct aswell, any reason these deposits aren’t hitting my ronin wallet? I use meta mask and yoroi and core and they all work fine so I have done this before just not with ronin I assumed it was done the same way.

Hi @Tangax,

You cannot see your AXS in the Ronin Wallet as this wallet uses the Ronin network and you sent your AXS via the Ethereum network which means you sent it as ERC20 token. You should be able to see your AXS ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite (under your ETH account in the “Tokens” tab) or in other wallets that support ERC20 tokens (for example MetaMask).

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