Transferred funds to Trezor - ERC20 tokens not showing up

I just transferred VET ERC20 Tokens from an exchange to Trezor T.
On the Trezor Suite, it prompted the address of the ETH.
In the exchange, it shows successfully transferred out BUT I still do not get the balance or transaction in the Trezor Suite. What is the issues here? Please help. Thanks

VeChain did launch a new mainnet token that is no longer using ERC20 token standard.
Unfortunately, VeChain team decided to use the same address format that is used by Ethereum and because of that users and 3rd party services can easily mistake the VeChain mainnet token address with Ethereum address.
I am affraid that it can be your case as well.

Right now VeChain has two different tokens on two different network: VEN (the ERC20 token called “VeChain” on Ethereum network) and VET (the non-ERC20 coin called “VeChain Thor” with its own network).
I would suggest contacting VeChain token team regarding your issue since this issue was caused mainly by the fact that they are using same address format (ETH one) for their mainnet token.
To sum it up, only ERC20 token can be used with Trezor device, not the mainnet token running on its own blockchain.

was your issue solved? i have the same issue, please advise how did you solve it?

@CMTBIZ @shashankshukla9
There’s been some development in another thread, here, which may help you too.

Hello, I transferred Shiba Inu to my Trezor but transferred it first before adding the ERC20 token and ERC20 token address. I have not received it yet after 40 mins and counting. What is the best option here? Appreciate the help.

hi @N3AT if you haven’t add the token prior the transaction does not matter as adding the token is only so you are able to see the token in Suite interface and send it if needed.
If the transaction is still pending (not confirmed) and you don’t want to wait it out you can bump the fee (send new transaction with higher fee).
For more information see following video: FIX Stuck Transaction on Ethereum - YouTube