Transferred ARB from Nexo on Arbitrum One network to Trezor ETH address

I know, a noob mistake. I accidently sent some ARB from Nexo and used the Arbitrum One network to send to my Trezor ERC20 / ETH address. Is there any way yo get it back?

I have connected my metamask to my trezor and added the Arbitrum network to it but it shows zero balance for that address even on the Arb network ?

Are you able to find the transaction on the following blockchain explorer ?

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Yes its on there under the “ERC20 Token Txns” tab

How do I get it onto ERC20 on Trezor ?


You cannot see your ARB in Trezor Suite as the Arbitrum network is not natively supported in Trezor Suite. However, it is supported by Trezor devices as every other EVM. To see and manage funds you send to the Arbitrum network, you need to connect your Trezor with 3rd party app that supports Trezor and also EVMs (for example MetaMask).

Information on how to connect Trezor to MetaMask can be found at

You need to add the ETH address you’ve used for sending your funds in the step “Select an account”

In the next step, you need to add the Arbitrum network to MetaMask. Please visit (make sure to use this link, there are several scam links on the web), find “Arbitrum One”, select “Add to MetaMask” then “Approve” and “Switch network”.

You can also find the process (with a different network though) in this video: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor - YouTube

After you add BSC to your MetaMask you need to import the “Arbitrum” ERC20 token. Please, select “+ Import Tokens” on the “Tokens” tab:

Insert contract address of the Arbitrum ERC20 token (0xB50721BCf8d664c30412Cfbc6cf7a15145234ad1) to form “Token Contract Address”, select “Add Custom Tokens” and “Import Tokens”

You should be able to see and manage your ARB (which you sent to your ETH address via the Arbitrum network). If you want to move these funds to the Ethereum network, you need to send them back to your exchange and from the exchange send them again to your ETH address - this time make sure to use the desired Ethereum network (most likely you will have to pay higher transaction fees). After the transaction is confirmed, you will see your ARB as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network under your ETH account (in the “Tokens” tab) in Trezor Suite.