Transfer metamask account from old trezor to new one

i already own a trezor one that’s linked to my metamask account but it started to have connectivity issues with the cable etc. so i bought a new trezor one

how do I transfer my metamask to my new trezor ?(i still have access to my seed phrase from metamask and trezor etc.) i couldn’t find any tutorial or anything and i obviously don’t want to mess it up

thanks in advance

Hi @belzarek,

you need to recover your recovery seed from old Trezor to the new one. Instructions on how to recover wallet with recovery seed can be found here:

After the recovery process, you can use your new Trezor the same way as your old one as it stores the same recovery seed. Remember, if you used passphrase with your old Trezor you will need to enter exactly the same passphrase to be able to generate the same private keys.

If you didn’t use passphrase before, leave the form for passphrase absolutely empty and continue (your private keys are derived only from recovery seed if passphrase is not used)

You can also find instructions on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask in this video: How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube

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i think i’ve lost my recovery seed of my first trezor (i think i wrote down the one of my metamask what an idiot…)
I do have access to my metamask and my trezor with my pin etc. any chance i disconnect my metamask from trezor and then just reconnect it to the new trezor ?

If you lost your recovery seed and you still have access to your wallet with your original Trezor, the best thing to do is to move all your funds out of your current wallet (of which you no longer posess the recovery seed) into a newly generated wallet (backed up by newly generated seed). If you have a spare Trezor, please find a step by step manual by using following link (see section “You have multiple Trezor devices available”)

If you have only one Trezor you have to use a temporary SW wallet that supports coins you need to move. After you wipe your Trezor and create a new Trezor wallet with a new recovery seed, you can move the funds from the temporary SW wallet to the newly created Trezor wallet.

It is really important to keep your seed words safe since only the recovery seed backup can be used to recover your wallet if your device gets destroyed or misplaced.
Feel free to learn more about the importance of the recovery seed in one of our blog posts:

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