Transfer from Metamask to Trezor device

It appears to me that there are gas fees to transfer to my Trezor device. Is this correct? Is there any way to transfer for free? If I connect to Metamask directly is there a way to transfer for free? I saw an option to Export but I don’t know what it means
Please advise


every transactions requires to pay a fee to miners. The transactions are happening on the blockchain, not in the wallet. If you have a stand alone Metamask account and wish to transfer your funds to Trezor protected Metamask account, you still need to proceed with regular transaction which needs to be confirmed / mined by the miners and this always requires a fee.

In addition to the OPs question, Can I buy Ethereum on the Trezor Studio desktop application, and that ethereum will automatically be shown on the MetaMask equivalent Trezor Hardware wallet? Given that they are the same addresses?

I’ve transferred from my MetaMask to the MetaMask Trezor wallet via the extension, and I am able to see the ethereum on the Trezor Studio. I just want to make sure it works the other way around as well.

EDIT: I ran a $100 transaction test with trezor studio and it showed up in the MetaMask Trezor Hardware wallet. So Easy and fast to use.

Thank you Trezor Team!