Transfer ETH to Trezor

Hi guys, I need some help.

I sent ETH from my Nexo account to my Trezor Wallet about 5 hours ago.

Nexo says it was done. Etherscan show “success” in status, with 1360 block confirmations.

However in Trezor Suite there is no record of the transaction and the tokens are not in my account. How should I proceed?

ps. I’ve transferred between these wallets many times and it always takes minutes.


Hi @rpj

Thank you for TxID you’ve provided via PM.

You can’t see the transaction in Trezor Suite interface because it is internal transaction.
For more info please see following post:

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Thanks for the reply MichalZ!

I use metamask but the transaction is not logged there either. And the transferred balance is not yet in my trezor wallet…