Transactions with Metamask no longer requiring connected device or pin

I have made several transactions through Metamask and none of them required my device to be connected.

Is there a setting I accidently set that could cause this? I reset my pin with no change.

Thank you!

Hi @monica,

If you sent coins or tokens to your Trezor, there’s no need to connect your device. The coins go directly to the blockchain and not through your device. It’s when you send coins out of your wallet that you need to connect your device to sign the transaction.

Hi, yes, thank you. This was for sending tokens out of my Trezor.

I sent multiple transactions and none of them required my device. Never had that before :confused:

you have imported your Trezor sed into Metamask which made it the same wallet

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Yeah, I imported my wallet to Metamask over a year ago and it still always required the device for transactions.

this is because you imported with seed tisk tisk

Hmm, I’m pretty positive I did not do that.

Think I should reset my device?

Well, I might have done that but it was so long ago I can’t remember. Ha… still wouldn’t explain the change of the process for transactions, right?

yes it would and that is only possibility, your wallet is represented by the seed not a device. When you import the seed anywhere that will basically become your wallet.

This is because you have two accounts in Metamask: the internal one and the Trezor one.
You imported your seed into Metamask, then you connected Trezor, and always used the Trezor account so you always had to confirm on Trezor.

For whatever reason, your Metamask was recently switched to use the internal account. You didn’t notice anything because you imported your seed and so the internal account is showing the same address & balance as the Trezor one. However, there is no longer any Trezor confirmation, because Metamask is using the seed that you imported to sign the transactions by itself.

What you should do now is:

  1. make sure your seed is backed up, just in case something goes wrong
  2. remove Trezor account from Metamask
  3. wipe your Trezor and generate a new seed
  4. make sure this new seed is also backed up, and that you have clearly marked which backup is which
  5. add this new Trezor account to Metamask
  6. move all your assets to the new address associated with your Trezor account

If you have any coins that are not managed by Metamask, you should also move them to the new seed. You can do that either (a) by sending to an exchange and then back to Trezor after you generate the new addresses, or (b) through a more involved process where you write down the new addresses, restore the old seed, send to the new addresses, and then restore the new seed.


Oh wow, was hoping to not have to do anything like that but I guess that is my only option.

Thank you so much for the informative response :slight_smile: