Transactions do not reach the exchange

Good afternoon, two days ago i sent some small amount of eth and btc to 2 exchanges to check the network, and since then these amounts have not arrived at their destination.

could you please try to help me understand what is going wrong?

Also mention that when I paste the eth address, in all the ones I have tried trezor tells me that they are invalid and the only option it gives me is “convert to checksum addres”.

Excuse me for my poor english and my newbie skills on the blockchain.

Okay, I think I have solved it, for those who need it, I’ll answer it myself:

In summary if you have tried everything, reset the trezor completely including phrase seed, and after this try to make another small transaction, at least I was solved, I do not know what happened to the trezor …

Finally I ask you: the small transactions that I have done to solve this problem, where did they go?

Nothing happens because they are not amounts to take into account, but if they have been done correctly, and all the addresses were right, these will end up coming back considering that they were sent when the trezor was defective?

I have the same issue as well when I am trying to send USDC to an exchange.

I tried a factory reset like you mentioned but still will not work. Most of my funds continue to get refunded.