Transaction rejected but funds not returned

How long is the typical wait time before the funds are returned into my wallet? It has been more than 5 days.



generally, if the transaction failed, you should see it in your wallet. I would need more details about your transaction to be able to help you more. If you don’t want to post the transaction ID publicly, you can DM it to me.

Hi Kolin,

I can’t seem to find where I can DM you. I tried the personal message, but it said I couldn’t send the message to you.

The trans ID is 1c0cb5d5731b948f5f7aa59517af86262146c81baf8db7e86721aee62f38a0d2


Hi, you can DM a user by clicking on his profile/name and then using the Message option in the right upper corner of the user profile, check the screenshot:

Regarding the transaction, I wasn’t able to find it via several explorers so it’s possible that it was returned already. Can you check your wallet’s balance to see if it’s reflecting the returned amount?

Yeah, When I click on an profile, I don’t get the message icon…


I’ve checked daily. My transaction history and balance still shows that I sent the Ethereum. I can send more info if I can DM.



you need to get Trust Level 1 to be able to send private messages. I believe you should have it by now, since it doesn’t take much time to get it. This is a protection of the forum against spamming.

Which coin are we talking about please?

Ethereum to wallet.

Whenever I achieve Trust level 1 I will send you some screenshots and more info.


Ethereum and Cardano are not using the same blockchain. I don’t think you will be able to recover it. You may want to try to ask the Cardano community, if possible to recover ETH from Adalite.

One more question, are we talking about sending ETH to ADA address, or have you used and exchange feature meaning you have sent ETH to exchange and you are expecting to receive ADA for it?

It was an Trade through FoxExchange using Trezor Suite. I also put in a ticket with Trezor support. They got back to me and said that I now need to contact FoxExchange. I have sent them an email and am now waiting for a response.

Ok. Lets see what FoxExchange has to say.

HI…i have problems whit two transacctions…status FAILURE…and the funds are not returned…what i have to do?..and which is the problem???..thanks


which coin are we talking about please?

btc…2 transaction from trezor to exchange…2 status failure…funds are not returned…do you need id transactions?

Hi Everyone!

The exchange got back to me and issued a refund. They sent whatever they got (-gas). Therefore, everything is resolved.

Once the exchange’s support got in contact with me, I had to send over the trasaction IDs in their exchange, not the ones in Trezor.


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Hi 5.17.2021 I sent BTC to the stock exchange and the transaction was not confirmed 7 days … on the stock exchange the transaction turned out to wait … after seven days the transaction was confirmed, but on the stock exchange the transaction was canceled. … and now I don’t know if I have lost BTC or they will go back to my wallet … because now I don’t have BTC on the stock market or in my wallet … this is the address of my transaction … 3AhjigUm4cMSQ9CfVfUbGbbCfnogMfWjhM
Thank you for your response…

Hi @marek1812 , thank you for providing your address.
I am going to ask you to create a ticket via Trezor support as I need to get further information such as txid Transaction ID - Trezor Wiki in order to assist you further in this matter.
Could you please also provide the ticket number afterwards so I can answer you right away?
Thank you.

hi i sent one transaction from my vault to coinbase and the transaction was confirmed 6+ but coinbase canceled my transaction … now i don’t know if i lost my bc or it will automatically return it to my wallet …
Transaction hash:
well thank you …

Please be so kind to contact our customer support using this form and let me know the ticket ID. Please include the transaction IDs. Thank you.