transaction issue

Good afternoon guys, how are you?

I have a big problem. I have around 30 btc saved I needed to make a transaction of only 1000 $ 0.02098768 btc

I did, however, 9.52 bitcoins were deducted from my address

I don’t know for what reason. In my trezor wallet the 29.97914415 appears complete but in my address where I save the 30 btc they appear only

what happened ?

Hi @killerinstinti

First of all if there is any unauthorized transaction causing your balance to be incorrect I suggest you to move all remaining funds to a newly created wallet immediately.
If you don’t have any backup device nor hot wallet the best option would be to create new hidden (passphrase protected) wallet and transfer your funds over there.

As passphrase feature is for advanced users only please make sure you get familiar with how this feature work before you start to use it:

Please have a look at following article as well:

Also could you please submit a request using this form and get back to me with a ticket ID.
Please send us the TxID of this outgoing unauthorized transaction or transactions you’ve mentioned as well as the xpub so we can analyze the transactions and try to give you a better idea of what happened.

Ticket ID: 98529

thanks :heart:

Thank you please check your inbox, your ticket has already been answered.