Transaction History Not Available

Hi, My Trezor Suite doesn’t show the transaction history for a Native SEGWIT account of mine. Just the text “Transaction history not available” and a link to block explorer where I can see the transaction as confirmed. The balance for the account in Suite shows OK. Is there any fix for this, please?

Some specs: PC laptop, Windows 10, Trezor Suite v. 21.10.2.

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Hi @anonblank,
please reinstall Trezor Suite application:
Do you experience the same issue in the web version as well?
Does other accounts load?

Thanks for the response! Other account’s history loads fine. Reinstalling Trezor Suite didn’t help, but properly ejecting Trezor from the suit and connecting it again seems to have fixed it! Didn’t try with the web version.


I am having the same issue.
Neither ejecting Trezor nor reinstalling the suite helped (currently Version 21.10.2 ( The web version is having the same issue as well.

Other accounts like bitcoin, showed me the correct transaction history.

@NIYAK any ideas? Thanks in advance

Hi @cesc, try to reset the application - Go to Settings (cog wheel) - Application - Reset button.

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Thanks for your reply, the reset application button did not help, any other thing I can try?

@NIYAK ping, any ideas?

Hi @cesc, thanks for the ping. Do I get it right that only the BTC Native SegWit does not load? Do the Legacy and Segwit accounts load as they should? Have you tried your Trezor on another computer?
Also, please submit a ticket at and post your ticket ID here.

Hi team,

I have 2 Trezor wallets. 1 works perfectly and shows my transaction history and all my crypto.

The other shows no transaction history or any of my crypto. Im just wondering why this is the case? I have done all the updates. I have spoken to Coinspot and theyve advised that they can see the crypto is still on my wallet. Its just not showing in my Trezor wallet now.

I’ve logged an issue with support.

Any assistance would be much appreciated

Thank you


Please post your Support ID here, so Community support see it and link to this thread. Thank you!