This is what Reddit Trezor support says is it valid ▫

No, erase the thought you have lost any amount(you did not). Your crypto are on the blockchain. Basically, what you need right now is synchronisation. We have given you the simple way to recover your funds.

Hi @Thor

Not sure what you are referring to, nor what your question is about. However, the truth is that crypto is on blockchain, and on Trezor hardware wallet is only your private key. This private key is represented by the mnemonic seed words, hence it is easy to recover such wallet.

Feel free to read this blog post

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There is no such thing as Reddit Trezor Support! Everyone who claims to be that, especially in DMs, is a scammer.

I think you missed the chronological steps causing rhe problem. The tokens were there after I transferred them from the exchange. Rhe exchange shows they received a complete response. The tokens were on the wallet based on the portfolio value was correct. It was when I tried to recover the wallet, a memory exception occurred and my tokens were whipped clean. At this point I just want to get my tokens back.
if they are on the blockchain how do I transfer to my exchange account.

Hi @shrimpandgrits

If you are missing any funds in your wallet, please submit an issue by using this form .

Once you have done it, please send me your Ticket ID. Feel free to use PM. Soon after you will be contacted.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

I have filled out this contact form already. I have filled it out again because you already have all the information needed. I can make the problem again if you have a debugger available. You should have already logged the problem. I was running your software. Do not get back to me again and say I was hacked.

Where al the conversations I have had with you and Amazon? Please provide a copy of all correspondence you have received to date.
Also, provide any conversations I have made through Amazon?

If you have submitted a request through , please send us your Ticket ID. Thank you.

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