THETA WALLET -- cannot send funds via TREZOR

I run my THETA wallet out of my TREZOR. The other day I realized that I was unable to stake or send funds. I was not able to sign and send. I have been in contact with THETA via discord and they are claiming they are having problems with the TREZOR interface . . . has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I have the problem to send my Theta from Trezor Model T. I have updated the Firmware, deleted the browser history and cache, used different browser… no positive result.
The error message is without any text.


See the Statement from Theta Network Twitter Account

I have received a message from THETA support that there is a problem with signing TREZOR transactions. They are working on the problem but if you need to access your tokens you will need to make a clone of your TREZOR onto a NANO and proceed from there. Whether this works or not I cannot say.

Hi Oiram, I have exactly the same problem. Have you been able to resolve it or do simply wait now? Thanks!

Hey guys,

First of all, there is no risk of losing tokens as they remain safely on your Trezor device.

Before the issue is fixed, there are two options to access your funds immediately.

You can use any other compatible hardware wallet following BIP-39, recover your wallet by using your Trezor recovery seed and proceed with sending the transaction by using Theta Web Wallet.

The other option is to do your own research on how to retrieve your private key from your Trezor recovery seed, and use that private key directly in Theta Web Wallet.

Beware; we neither recommend private key derivation, nor recovering Trezor seed by using other apps for security reasons. Therefore, if you choose to go this route you do this at your own risk and responsibility. If you decide to proceed with this anyway, consider moving your other funds to a safe place to minimize the potential risk in case your recovery seed is compromised.

Also, if you are not familiar with the second option, ask for assistance at [email protected] for further instructions.