The Trezor functionality of the Electrum-NMC wallet is experiencing issues

Electrum-NMC is the Electrum wallet for NAMECOIN.

You can obtain the latest version of this wallet for Namecoin at the following address: Beta Downloads

Trezor device recognition in Electrum-NMC is working smoothly without any problems.

I have purchased several .bit domains from a different address and transferred them to the Electrum-NMC Trezor address, considering the enhanced security of Trezor.

The Electrum-NMC wallet supports the purchase, sale, and resetting of .bit domains for Namecoin.

Transferring Namecoin from the Electrum-NMC Trezor address to another address works seamlessly without any issues.

However, when attempting to purchase .bit domains with the Electrum-NMC Trezor address, trying to transfer .bit domain addresses imported from another wallet, attempting to change the settings of owned .bit domains, and in various similar scenarios, clicking the confirmation button on the Trezor device results in multiple error messages, and the transaction fails.

Please investigate and address this issue.

I have no control over the .bit domain addresses sent to the Trezor wallet address. It seems like the Electrum-NMC Trezor wallet is a graveyard for .bit domain addresses.

I attempted recovery using BIP39, treating it as a standard wallet in Electrum-NMC rather than a Trezor device. However, there is no way to access the Trezor Namecoin wallet address created as a hidden wallet, not as a standard wallet in the Trezor Suite.

Please help; this is a critical issue.

Thank you.

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Hello, the first step here would be to contact authors of Electrum-NMC. The error messages are popping up in Electrum-NMC, right? It seems that the app is somehow mishandling results coming from Trezor.

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Yes, that’s correct. I’m experiencing a popup error on Electrum-NMC. Is it likely an issue with the Trezor device itself? Understood. I have a few questions. Do Trezor developers communicate with Electrum-NMC developers? Should I attempt to contact Electrum-NMC developers personally? Do you have any recommended methods for this? I’ll start by reaching out to Electrum-NMC developers. Thank you.

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as in you personally? yes
as in, contact a developer personally? ehh probably not the most polite option

Electrum-NMC is an open-source project so I’d look at their github first

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Jeremy Rand is a developer of Namecoin. According to his response, it seems like he’s pointing out issues with Trezor. What do you think about it?

Trezor firmware doesn’t support name transactions at the moment

…is most likely true. There are no specific Namecoin-related features in Trezor, just normal bitcoin-like transactions.

With that said,

clicking the confirmation button on the Trezor device results in multiple error messages, and the transaction fails.

what is it that you are confirming?
Trezor signs exactly what you see on screen. If you are attempting to do some sort of name operation, and your Trezor shows you “transfering 0.5 NMC to address XYZ”, then what gets signed is a transfer of 0.5 NMC to address XYZ. Nothing less and nothing more.

It seems to me that Electrum-NMC is submitting a “normal looking” transaction to Trezor, and getting a “normal looking” response that somehow defies its expectations.

In conclusion, I believe I and JeremyRand are both right:

  • There is no support of name-related operations on Trezor. If some special support is needed, it means that name transactions simply won’t work.
  • But per this document, a name output is something that Trezor is unable to accept in its input data. If E-NMC allows you to send a transaction to Trezor in the first place, and then is unhappy with the result, that’s a problem of E-NMC.

It’s like if you tried to buy a sandwich in a Pepsi vending machine. You’re not getting a sandwich either way, but the fault is with whoever listed sandwiches in the menu. There is no “sandwich” button so it makes you wonder which buttons did the person press…