The order has not been sent yet! - Ticket ID: 95462

Dear trezor!
This is some kind of mockery! I paid on September 3, September 7 (the night of September 8) in response to the letter, sent the exact address data, and now it’s September 14, and nothing has been sent yet! Dear friends, what is happening? Send the paid product! And answer faster by mail! This is the first time this happens, are you sure you are competent in this matter? The payment ID is 4911090808. The ticket ID was not specified in the letter!

If you are unable to ship the item, please cancel the order. There are many other places to buy! And I still hoped for the highest level of service …

P.S.: After another letter to the support service via feedback, I received Ticket ID: 95462
Maybe now it will be faster, huh?

Hi @DaveFree
Thank you for providing ticket ID.
Your ticket has already been answered.