The is Another Barcode on Trezor Model T Box

Hello. I bought a Trezor Model T from Amazon. The seller is Trezor Company, trade registration number, and address are the same as those which exist on Trezor’s website. My question is there was another barcode stuck onto the Trezor’s barcode(on plastic). I watched many videos on Youtube but I haven’t seen anything like that. There is a barcode and random numbers below the barcode and a text. It says Trezor Model T Krypto-Hardware-Wallet mit LCD-Touchscreen, Sicheren Bitcoin und 1450+ Münzen für Maximale Sicherheit.

The package content is full, and the holographic seal looks good but I’m suspicious about that barcode.

What do you think about that?

Hi @M42Q84,

the barcode was most likely placed there by reseller - Amazon. Amazon is an official reseller, to be absolutely sure, please review also the “Additional security checks” mentioned in this article:

If everything is as in the article, there is nothing to worry about.