"The entered recovery seed is valid but does not match the one in the device"

I updated the firmware on my wallet, as per prompt and now get the above message when trying to verify my recovery seed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Habs

Do you have another device/have you previously generated more seeds?
The message is pretty much self explenatory:
Your are checking recovery seed from another wallet (trezor, different hw wallet, some software wallet etc).

Hey there - having the same problem. Did a firmware update and then accidently hit “Create New Wallet” instead of “Recover Wallet”. Now my balances are showing nothing, and when I tried to use the seed, I got the same message as OP. I do not have any other devices or Trezors though. Any help is greatly appreciated!

You are using the “check recovery seed” feature.
This feature checks that a recovery seed that you entered is the same as you are currently using.

For obvious reason, it’s not the same: by creating a new wallet, you have installed a new seed. That can’t be the same as your original, otherwise you’d see your funds.

What you need to do is wipe your Trezor, get back to the “new wallet / recover” screen, and select “Recover”. Then enter your seed. That should get you back to your funds.

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