The created wallets are not visible on the second PC

When I create an ETH wallet on my trezor, via the web app, then until it is replenished, it is not visible on another PC/web app.
What could be the problem?

This is because “Create account” is a fake operation. Nothing is created and all accounts technically exist in advance.

At start, Suite will try to scan the accounts (which, as pointed out, all already exist) starting at zero. When it finds the first empty account, it stops the scan. (If it didn’t, it could be scanning forever.) “Create account” adds the next account to your interface even though it is empty. But because this is a fake operation and nothing actually happens to the account, this change will not be visible.

The corollary is that if you click “Create account” on three different computers, you are “creating” the same account. Your ETH account #1 is always the same account #1, regardless of how many times you created it on different computers.