Tezos XTZ via SimpleStaking

Hi everyone. I’m using Trezor T and I hold my XTZ on SimpleStaking wallet. When I try to restore my Trezor T wallet by seed I see every coins besides XTZ. Does SimpleStaking use their own private keys to hold my XTZ coins or what’s does that mean?

Hi all. I use a Trezor T and keep my XTZ in a SimpleStaking wallet. When I try to recover my Trezor T wallet with seed, I see all coins except XTZ. Does SimpleStaking use its own private keys to store my XTZ coins or what does that mean?

Instead of helping me, the admin corrects my posts. Minimum number of coins, no answers… Guys, you’re becoming uncompetitive.

Here is the manual: https://wiki.trezor.io/Tezos :slight_smile:

No, Simplestaking is not using separate seed. All addresses are derived from Trezor seed. YOu need to use same passphrase for hidden wallet or leave the field empty to enter standard wallet.

you are cross posting, that is why your posts have been moved.

I suggest to have look at Video tutorial section, trezor supports thousands of coins and tokens, you will learn how to add them in the videos.

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Thanks for the answer. I funded my XTZ wallet with SimpleStaking and then tried to recover my wallet elsewhere with a Seed Phrase. DASH, LTC, XRP, everything was there, but I did not find XTZ. What have I done wrong?

I understand, but all coins need to be replenished through different applications. For example XLM via Exodus, XTZ via SimpleStaking, LTC, XRP and some others via Trezor Suite. It is very uncomfortable. For example Exodus wallet doesn’t support Trezor in mobile version, so every time I want to sell my XLM I have to go and do it on my computer, then if I want to sell or buy XTZ for example, I have to open a new app. This is the age of smartphones, and it’s much more convenient when I can do everything from my smartphone, from one application. I respect you guys, I love Trezor for its security, but you should develop the list of coins in Trezor Suite, because most users do not want these inconveniences with different applications and they just go and buy other hardware wallets.

where did you recover it? Does that wallet support XLM at all?

You mean XTZ? Yes it was TrustWallet, it supports XTZ.

I am sorry but that is not something we can help with, you have to contact their support.
All your other coins are fine, so it’s the issue of that wallet.

As far as I understand you did not have any issue with Trezor and simplestaking/Exodus.

The only possibility is that you created a hidden wallet for XTZ.