Tezor SUITE and Exodus

I have been using my Trezor ‘T’ with Exodus, but now I would like to use the Suite desktop APP (already installed) for all my transactions.

The coins do not show on Trezor/Suite, although they keep appearing on Trezor/Exodus.

Can someone please tell me how it all works and how to transfer my coins so I can use Trezor/Suite for everything.

Heii @Billionare

Hope this helps

So there are some assets that are not natively supported by trezor suite/trezor T.

For these you will always need to interact with the exodus app (or any other software wallet compatible) as the keys :key: to those assets are stored on your trezorT and you are able to transact through the exodus app.

For those assets that are natively supported BTc or eth for example you can transfer them to your new address generated on trezorT.

Here’s a link from exodus on trezor