Tetha sent to eth wallet

hi there
i sent theta to my eth wallet and i as i understood it should work out
but i didnt received it
what got wrong?

hi @luminaya. Theta coin is currently running on its own mainnet. Since Theta and Ethereum blockchains use the same cryptography they have the same address format, so every Ethereum address is also a valid Theta address and vice versa.

However there is still possibly way how your coins can be recovered although it will most probably contain exporting your private keys to third party wallet which is definitely not a security best practice we would recommend.

Please do your own research (I suggest you to google: Accidentally sent THETA or TFUEL to an Ethereum address) you might find some useful links/manuals there.

Ive just done the same, Tezor shouldnt have THETA in the search bar that you can enter, which made me think it would be ok.

this worked for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FfHTO7y0NU


I accidentally sent 50 Theta from Theta wallet to my Trezor Model T ETH address.
The Youtube video Oliver linked doesn’t work.
Can some tell me if there is anyway to sort this out?

Hiya, the video basically told you the tokens would have been sent to Theta Wallet and the coins should be in there. I’m sorry I don’t remember more than that.

Thanks, I posted a new thread just now. I have a link that suggest a way to do it but I am unsure if it is legit.