Testing Suite features and trezorctl

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I am constantly trying and testing things on trezor suite and its wallets.

I would like to know if there is a way to test features without having my trezor always connected.
As for now I only have Trezor T and I don’t want my trezor connected all the time when I am testing things.

Is this possible? Does joining the new feature program testing help whith this?


I have also discovered some instructions manual pages regarding to trezorctl that contain code that is not up to date.
Where is it best to give this feedback?

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Hi, what is the issue with trezorctl manual? You can post it here.

For testing there is an emulator here, but it is quite advanced, the instructions are on GitHub.

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Thanks for the emulator link @forgi

As for suggestions and corrections to instructions manual I will be posting on this thread then.

Here is an example.

I am using terminal macOS and the response I get is that it doesn’t accept enable but you to change to on or off. (Maybe because of the OS I am using)
For non technical this can be a problem

Also we can include in these instructions for which OS it is.

Thanks Again

Indeed @forgi I will start looking on the install process slowly.


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Is there away to change from bitcoin-only firmware to general firmware and visa versa on trezorctl? Or is this only possible on Suite?

Here I don’t find anything

Is another place with a more complete list of commands?


Run trezorctl --help to see a list of commands and command groups.
Run trezorctl firmware --help to see a list of firmware-related commands. For your convenience, here is a mostly up-to-date full list.
Run trezorctl firmware upgrade --help to see a full help text for the given command.

There’s ongoing work to make the help texts better, but they’re very useful already.

The --bitcoin-only option to trezorctl firmware upgrade will select Bitcoin-only firmware. Not passing that option will deselect it. Unlike Suite, trezorctl will not care what you currently have, so if you’re on Bitcoin-only and want to keep Bitcoin-only, you need to always pass --bitcoin-only.

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