Terms of Service Trezor VAUCHER

Can you please tell me if I bought a trezor crypto wallet and a voucher for 10 EUR came with it. How can I activate a voucher and get 10 EUR in BTC?

Voucher code is redeemable directly through our partners at Coinify.
The steps to redeem the voucher are as follows:

  • Download, install and launch Trezor Suite, then connect and set up your hardware wallet.

  • Visit the Trade tab in Trezor Suite, select Buy and search for an offer from Coinify.

  • Choose a Coinify offer that suits you, register to complete the purchase and redeem your voucher at checkout.

  • Your coins will be sent directly to your Trezor wallet.

  • Sleep tight. This is what custody feels like: your coins can never be taken from you, and only you have control over them.