Taproot public key not showing balance/transactions?

Tonight, I moved BTC from my legacy segwit to my new Taproot address. Then I sent a small amount from the Taproot address to my Coinbase wallet. (testing things out, etc etc)

The problem is . . . For tax purposes, I’ve been keeping track of everything with Cointracker. The XPUB key for my new Taproot address is being rejected by Cointracker because, they say: “The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions.” Clearly that isn’t true - it both received and sent BTC - so I’m not sure what to make of that.

One potential wrinkle, the XPUB key for the Taproot address is not displaying “cleanly” in Trezor Suite - it has some kind of random letters, numbers, and punctuation before the “xpub” and after what I think are the last letters . . . I had to kind of guess where the address ends and the extra characters begin. So, I’m not even 100% certain I am giving Cointracker my actual XPUB, although, it does not reject it as invalid, it only says it has no transactions . . . so I think I copied the correct part of the key.

Anyway, since Cointracker thinks I sold all my BTC after I sent it to my new Taproot address, it created the illusion of significant capital gains, so that is bad, lol. I sent my BTC back to the legacy segwit to at least have a proper balance reflected in Cointracker, but the false capital gain figure remains, of course - so I’m really hoping I can get Cointracker to recognize my Taproot XPUB key before tax time . . .

Any thoughts? insight? Something I might be doing wrong? Anything at all I can do . . . thanks for everyone’s time and any help.

@bhakti taproot is a quite new so not many crypto services support it yet, I suggest to contact cointracker and ask them, but I am sure that is the case.

You can download your transaction history directly from Suite if you need to.

Yes, taproot xpub looks strange, it is normal. ex:

You can also check it in our explorer: https://btc1.trezor.io/

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Hey, thanks @forgi ! That was helpful. I’m glad to know that is the normal appearance of the Taproot xpub. I’ll contact Cointracker at some point and see if they can add support for the new xpub. Thanks again!