Tampered Box recieved in Mexico from UPS

Hey guys. Yesterday I received my 2 Trezor wallets. I am a Czech living currently in Mexico. It took about one week to get my trezors which was pretty quick. I’m creating this post is one of the boxes was open and significantly tampered. I don’t know if UPS did that because they are the company that delivered the package. Or the customs control did that while checking the package if there were drugs inside etc. How you would solve this solution? I already contacted Trezor support. Fortunately, the second box is not opened and I feel safe to use it but I am unsure and worried about using the Trezor from the tampered box. Any advice from you guys on how to continue in this situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @Zigr,

as mentioned in the ticket you opened via our chatbot, the package has been probably opened by customs to check the package contents.

Please, check all the “additional security checks” that can be found at https://trezor.io/learn/a/authenticate-model-one

If your device meets these security checks, you don’t need to worry.