T Suite indicating I have set up a passphrase when I haven't...


New to all this so please bear with me…

I have a model 1 running v 1.9.4 firmware.

I have never set up a passphrase yet my Trezor suite (v 22.12.1) shows the option highlighted as if I have - please see picture.

I definitely have not set a passphrase because I did not want to unduly complicate things.

Am I fooked?

The passphrase feature is not something you “set up”.

Suite enables this option by default, so that if you ever choose to use a Hidden Wallet, you don’t need to go to settings for it. The fact that there is even a setting is basically a historical artifact.

If you really want to, you can flip this off and nothing bad will happen (at worst you’d need to enable it again later).

But in general, just don’t worry about it.


Thank you very much for your reply.

You’ve set my mind at ease.

I’m so new to this that it I’m scared of every shadow. Hopefully I’ll chill out as time goes on.

I’ll flip this to off so it doesn’t keep scaring me : - ).

Thanks again.


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